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Our Story


Our Story

I started NeoTEIN because what I needed to be successful in sport
didn't exist. I needed a high-quality protein drink that was
easy to drink, helped me stay hydrated, and was easy to
take on the go. After 2 years, and countless hours of
research, experimentation, and testing, I created
the NeoTEIN Stick Pack. The Stick Pack is an all-in-one
protein + collagen + electrolyte drink that comes in a light and refreshing flavor! I am excited to share with you what I have built here, and I hope you not
only love it but see the potential that I do.

My MISSION is to make the best protein
products on the planet.

My VISION is to disrupt the industry by creating high-qaulity,
backed-by-science products that actually help people, taste
great, and are simple.

- Cherissa Kell, Founder & CEO

Our Team

Chris kell


Chris is the COO of our operation here at NeoTEIN. Before joining NeoTEIN, Chris spent his formative years as a SOF Officer in the Army doing work in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and SE Asia and worked with several organiations such as: the World Food Program, United Nation High Council for Refugees, Special Operations Command Africa, and the US Department of State. Thanks to his military experience, he was hired by a Fortune 5 company and continued to do big things there. His experiences in the post-Army world included: being in Japan for a few years launching robotics centers and also leading big teams in the United States! But, his true passion is his family, his family business, and helping veterans find their place in the world outside of the military.

Our Board


Dr. Bryan Clarke is an accomplished husband, father, small business owner, veterinarian, hiker, human... actually, it is kind of hard to explain all the great things about him so we will simply say this: we are a better organization for having him on our team. His insights into growing a successful business while also balancing all the other things in life help us stay focused on our team, our customers, and our mission everyday. We are lucky to have him.

Andrew Cohen

Andrew is joining us in a Key Advisoral Role and brings with him a really rare wealth of experience and success. He has led teams in the most daunting environments on the planet when he was a Ground Force Commander with the 75thRanger Regiment, he has continually grown in roles and responsibilities in a Fortune 5 Company since leaving the military and he is just a good dude to have around. Always level headed, analytical and deliberate in his approach to business he is a key member of our team and we are lucky to have him.


Caroline joins us having checked the box on so many great accomplishments. Graduated from a great school? Check. Successfully work at a top tier advertising agency in New York? Check. Advise non-profits? Check. Be an awesome person that has strong boundaries and relationships between her work and personal life? Check. She does it all and she just keeps being successful. That talent and ability provides our team with priceless knowledge of the marketing and advertising space while also giving voice to a person who just tends to have a lot of great ideas in general. That is pretty neat and we are incredibly lucky if you ask us.

Frank Portillo

Frank is a Soldier, Operator, and Entrepreneur who has tested the limits of physical fitness time and time again. In his career he’s gone through multiple surgeries, deployments around the world, and also completed some of the most rigorous and difficult training the US Military offers (Ranger School, Special Forces, etc.). To say the least he has pushed his body to the limit and knows that nutrition is essential to not only achieving, but also maintaining success. His belief in our team, our product, and our mission combined with his skills make him an invaluable member of our board, he leans forward, pushing the team to increase the body’s ability to “Be Faster and Go Farther”.

Nicole Will

Nicole joins as an advisor to the NeoTEIN Board. As a Small Business Owner, Podcast host, and successful Director at one of the largest and most respected senior living communities in the country she understands that customer experience and obsession are the key component to a successful business. She also provides unique insights in a population of our country that is often protein-deficient dehydrated, things that our product directly addresses! On that we are incredibly excited for her to bring her energy, expertise, and insight to our team!


AJ Zucchuro is a brilliant, accomplished person who just happens to have a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry and a J.D. focusing on Patent, Cyber and Privacy Law. To say the least, AJ knows things (soooo many things) and you, honestly, have probably interacted with something that AJ has been involved in everyday of your life. He provides us a steady, analytical voice and his experience in the industry and in life in general is invaluable. It's all the more amazing that he juggles all this with being a dedicated father and husband. He understands balance is essential to prolonged success and he shares our vision of a company that focuses on the team, the customer, and the mission!

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