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I love sport.

In an obsessive kinda way.

Like the kinda love that got me to train 30+ hrs/ week, with a 6mo old and 18mo old while living in Japan (I barely speak English!).

Did I mention I was trying to qualify for the 2024 Olympics?

Because why just do triathlon if you don’t wanna go to the Olympics, right?

Well, I finally had to start using supplements. I couldn’t quickly cook eggs after a 2hr ride, babies need food first! So, I bought ALL of them, no joke.

They were all terrible.

Chugging a chocolate shake, on a hot, humid Saturday AM before I even have coffee was not gonna work. I love food, I don’t like putting things I don’t like in my mouth.

I felt frustrated.

I searched everywhere for something better, something refreshing, something with low calories (SNS 200 calories of something I don’t enjoy wasn’t gonna work for me).

I was also having to drink protein and a separate electrolyte drink, this was A LOT of liquid.

Why couldn’t they be together?

Determined to find my ideal product, I looked everywhere — US, Australia, NZ, Europe, Asia (surely after protein supps being around for over 70 years SOMEONE was making it taste great, right?).


So, with all of my free time, I started mixing, and mixing, and tasting, and mixing.

2.5yr and lots of testing on my husbands old Army buddies (who are super humans!), my athlete friends (like the kind that get paid to have fun!), and talking with Nutritionists & RDs in top-tier organizations, we had a winner!

Neotein is a protein + electrolyte drink mix with collagen and comes in tasty flavors.

We hope you love it, or at least like it more than chugging a thick, chalky, terrible chocolate drink anytime of day.

Oh… and no shaker needed! Say goodbye to those stinky bottles — You are welcome! 👊🏻

- Cherissa Kell, Founder & CEO

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