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Our Story


Our Story

I started NeoTEIN because what I needed to be successful in sport
didn't exist. I was training 30+ hours a week in triathlon, while raising two baby boys, and living abroad. I needed a high-quality protein drink that was easy to drink, helped me stay hydrated, and was easy to
take on the go. After 2 years, and countless hours of research, experimentation, and testing, I created the NeoTEIN Stick Pack. The Stick Pack is an all-in-one protein + collagen + electrolyte drink that comes in a light and refreshing flavor! I am excited to share with you what I have built here, and I hope our Stick Pack helps you reach your goals, too!

At Neotein, our mission is to empower individuals with simplified, accessible, and safe wellness solutions. Through innovative products and unwavering commitment, we enhance lives, foster well-being, and inspire a journey of holistic health.

- Cherissa Kell, Founder & CEO

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